2012 year sum up

  • Two important things that I did this year:
    • Went to big travel to Asia, living in Thailand during 2012/2013 winter.
    • Went for short travel to Greece and UAE.
  • Most interesting/inspiring people I met this year:
    • Taxi driver Ali in UAE who can talk on 7 languages very good and knows about 15 languages not very well (but still can speak them)
  • Two people that change my way to thinking this year:
    • Taxi driver Ali, I got that it’s not so hard to know a lot of languages, you need just speak a lot.
    • Stephen Nelson Smith, He tought me a lot about IT infra management and software development.
  • Two new hobbies this year:
    • Snorkeling
    • Bycicle riding
  • Two might-have-been dream in this year:
    • Buy own apartment
    • Learn how to build sites with RoR

What did not go well


  • still have not much money so a lot of plans still postponed
  • often find hard to concentrate on work
  • still not very good in choosing priorities
  • spend a lot of time on garabage things, like reading blogs, news and so on useless stuff
  • don’t pay enough attention to sport activity

What went well


  • traveled a lot, it was life changing experience!
  • was programming more, My developer skills became better, I learn basics of Python and some Ruby too.
  • finished statistics course on Coursera and got again that learning is fun.
  • became quite good in writing opscode chef recipes/cookbooks.
  • began to ride a bycicle again after 10 years of neglecting and was snorkeling in Mediterranean sea.
  • learnt how to drive motor scooter


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