2013 year sum up

  • 5 important things that I did this year:
    • Learn how to drive a car.
    • go to second big travel to Asia, living in Thailand, Krabi during 2013/2014 winter.
    • go for two short travels to Malaysia. By plane from Ko Samui to Kuala Lumpur, by car from Krabi to Penang island.
    • go for short travel to Germany.
    • Finish Introduction to Finance course on Coursera
  • Most interesting/inspiring people I met this year:
    • Sergey Balbeko - IT infrastructure developer, hipster. He shows me how strong you need to crave for new knowledge. That it’s very important to constantly develope yourself.
    • Anzhela Piage - Entrepreneur, psychologist. She shows me how important to think about win-win strategy not only with people, but with all the world around us.
    • Evgeniy Kuzmenko - Businessman. Man that shows me how important to be optimistic and persistent.
    • Tanya Shorokhova - Art director. She inspires me to see owls around us.
    • Oscar - millionaire from the sratch. Man that prove the idea that win-win strategy better than win-lose one. Also confirm the point that to be rich you need to work a lot and be very persistent.
  • people that change my way to thinking this year:
    • Sergey Balbeko - He inspires me to be more open-minded about IT world and I learnt that social interaction is important (more important that I thought before).
  • Two new hobbies this year:
    • Learning programming on codecademy
    • Learning Thai language
  • Two might-have-been dream in this year:
    • Buy an apartment
    • Trip to Europe
    • Travel to South-America

What did not go well


  • still have not much money so a lot of plans still postponed
  • often find hard to concentrate on work
  • still not very good in choosing priorities
  • spend a lot of time on garabage things, like reading blogs, news and so on useless stuff
  • don’t pay enough attention to sport activity

What went well


  • learnt how to drive a car, I drove sedan, crossover, pick-up. In city, town, rural roads, highways.
  • traveled a lot, it was life changing experience! I traveled more than last year, because I can drive a car now. I was in several national parks in Krabi province and traveled by car to Penang island in Malaysia.
  • was programming more, My developer skills became better, I learnt basics of Python, Javascript and my Ruby is almost fluent already.
  • I learnt basics of CSS and HTML.
  • finished Introduction to Finance course on Coursera and got that to learn good - you need to enjoy it, learning mood is important.
  • Enhance my opscode chef cooking skills even more.
  • learnt how to read ไทย, and now I know about 600 Thai words. Though I understand now that it’s not a sprint - it’s a marathon.


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