2014 year sum up

  • Most interesting/inspiring people I met this year:
    • Kaveh Mousavi Zamani - Software developer and DevOps engineer. He tought me that simplicity is a virtue for DevOps and complexity can kill your infrastructure projects.
    • Shuwn Yuan Tee - Software developer and DBA. She reminded me that you should never stop learning. It’s amazing how much can people learn if he/she doesn’t waste his/her time.
    • Dmitriy Paramonov - Entrepreneur. He showed me that it’s more profitable to sell tools/supplies that help other people to do their work, than do that work by yourself.
  • people that change my way to thinking this year:
    • Stephen Nelson-Smith - he tought me a lot about TDD. It changes my whole thinking about software development (in a good way). I understand that you can get confidence in your code.
  • Two new hobbies this year:
    • Learning programming on codeschool
    • Learn how to maintain and customizing my motorcycle
  • Two might-have-been dream in this year:
    • Buy a car
    • Travel to Indonesia
    • Travel to South-America

What did not go well


  • still have not much money so a lot of plans still postponed
  • often find hard to concentrate on work
  • still not very good in choosing priorities
  • spend a lot of time on garabage things, like reading blogs, news and so on useless stuff
  • don’t pay enough attention to sport activity
  • I spent a lot of time learning ไทย, but I still not even close to speaking this language.
  • I got two good job offers simultaneously and It was a frustrating experience, to choose between two interesting projects.

What went well


  • I traveled a lot. I lived one month in Malaysia, Cyberjaya. also I traveled by car to Penang island in Malaysia again. I traveled to Thailand, ko Samui (~300 km) on my motorcycle.
  • I did more programming, My developer skills became better. I learnt some RoR, Javascript basics and my Ruby is almost fluent.
  • I leant a lot about unit and integration testing, TDD and applying this to writing chef cookbooks.
  • Enhance my opscode chef cooking skills even more.
  • I bought a notebook with FullHD IPS matrix, why I didn’t to this before? It’s just great.

What I would like to achieve in new year?

  • I want to buy and learn to drive more powerful motorcycle, 50+ h.p.
  • I want to start programming RoR and/or javascript for money
  • I want to have stable 50$ per hour rates
  • I want to start speaking on a new language
  • I want to visit 3 new foreign countries
  • I want to start rock climbing again
  • I want to make my eyesight better than this year.


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