2015 year sum up

  • 5 important things that I did this year:
    • moved to Malaysia, Cyberjaya and lived there for a year.
    • bought a car and travel all around Kuala Lumpur (+- 300 km) on it.
    • found a better job, so I’m moving back to Thailand, Bangkok.
    • learnt more about chef&ruby and basics of LISP and golang.
    • started to read technical books again.
  • Most interesting/inspiring people I met this year:

    • Torsten Förtsch - Software developer and DBA from Germany. He tought me how to think about IT infra as architect. Several quotes from him: “if you want to be a good DBA you should think in sets” and “Me: Do you belive in power of TDD? Torsten: I believe in properly built architecture.”
    • Mahdi Sadrnezhaad - He shows me how much one person can learn. And He tought me that reading books can be fun. so I’m reading books again! :)
    • Sze Siong - He shows me how motivated and productive should be mature DevOps engineer. Also I learnt a lot about TCP/IP networks from him.
  • people that change my way to thinking this year:

    • Torsten Förtsch
      • I got more comprehensive view of IT infrastructure systems because of things that Torsten shows me.
      • I saw what it means to be life-long engineer, and I would like to follow this path.
    • Jean-Yves Sireau
      • I learnt from him how important for business is to make fast decision and make fast progress. What did it change in my way of thinking? I understand that I should become faster. Problem should be resolved fast. And solutions that brings fast results are better in general.
  • Two new hobbies this year:

    • Reading books
    • Hiking
  • Two might-have-been dream in this year:

    • make my eyesight better than last year.
    • visit Kota Kinabalu.

What did not go well


  • made a big mistake and apply for elance job in addition to working full-time. It was an old client and she asked to finish some simple thing. Thing appears to be not really simple, and I screwed that elance project completely. what I learnt - I will avoid applying for job that requires more than 8 hours of works per day at all costs.
  • I’m still strugling to have good regime and sleep enough and it hinders my productivity and efficiency.

What went well


  • have better finances than last year.
  • travel a lot, each months we went to a new place, Fraser’s hills, Melaca, Port Dickson, Cameron Highlands, Langkawi, Thailand - Krabi, Singapore etc.
  • I become much more reslient in bureaucracy battles, proccess a lot of documents that could be useful for further travelling.

What I wanted to achieve last year and what happened?

  • I want to buy and learn to drive more powerful motorcycle, 50+ h.p.: After I moved to Malaysia motorcycle would be a bad purchase. so I didn’t do that.
  • I want to start programming RoR and/or javascript for money: About JS. After a lot of experimentation with javascript I understand that I really enjoy writing backend, not frontend. So I decided to concentrate on learning DevOps, backend development and DBA skills. About RoR, I think that API+javascript frontend app model has better perspective than dynamically generated pages.
  • I want to have stable 50$ per hour rates: Was sacrifised in favour of faster learning. I agree for lesser rates if I’m learning fast and have a lot of smart people around. Learning is the best investment for me.
  • I want to start speaking on a new language: It appears to be hard to learn to speak on some language in a year if you don’t spend all your time on that. I learnt Malay this year, and I learnt around 800 words and 50 phrases. But I cannot really speak with this vocabulary of course.
  • I want to visit 3 new foreign countries: I visited one new country - Singapore. Could be more, but I concentrated on travelling inside Malaysia.
  • I want to start rock climbing again: Was too lazy to do that.
  • I want to make my eyesight better than this year.: It didn’t happen. I have some idea about how to do that, but need more money. That goal is moved to next year.

What I would like to achieve in new year?

I want to:

  • sleep 8 hours per day and walk&hike a lot
  • fix my health problems
  • make my eyesight better than last year.
  • travel to 3 new foreign countries.
  • start programming on golang and lisp.
  • have 50$ per hour rates
  • learn ansible, salt and puppet.
  • get more DBA skills at MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • start speaking on Thai language, even if it will be very simple talks.


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