2016/2017 years sum up

For some reason I skipped 2016 year’s sum-up, so I will write two years sum-up this year.

  • 5 important things that I did at 2016/2017 years:
    • +1 in our familty, his name is Ilya.
    • In april 2016 I parted my ways with Binary.com and started to work with PropertyGuru Group in Bangkok, Thailand. Thank you for all the good time Binary.com! I learnt a lot during my work there.
    • I moved to DevOps Team Lead role.
    • Our family visited Ukraine, we weren’t there for about 3 years.
    • Sold a car in Malaysia and bought a new one in Thailand.
  • Most interesting/inspiring people I met during 2016/2017 years:
    • Dan Podeanu - Leader, software developer with vast knowledge in systems. He was a head of engineering in PropertyGuru Group for some time. Dan is proper engineering leader. Seeing IT systems as a whole, orchestrating enhancements of whole company engineering culture and IT infrastructure, care and inspire engineers who work with him, deep knowledge in IT systems, honesty and openness.
    • Pedro Pereira - Leader and software developer in PropertyGuru Group. There’re a lot of good things about him, but most important thing that I saw - he really care about IT systems that we have. Now I know one of the most important criteria for hiring - hiring people who cares.
    • Jani Rautiainen - Leader and founder of PropertyGuru Group. I learnt from him importance of listening to people, and I saw how important it is to trust people. What a profound change these two things bring to company (engineering) culture!
    • Dmitriy Chekmarev - T-shaped software developer, who also good in DBA and systems. Never stop learning and be positive - those are two main things that I learnt from Dima.

New hobby this year:

Two might-have-been dream in this year:

  • I could sleep 8 hours per day - but I constantly find some excuses.
  • I might speak Thai already, but I’m too lazy to practice Thai.

What did not go well

  • I didn’t sleep enough 2016/2017 years, I should fix this as soon as possible.
  • I didn’t do much programming during 2016/2017.
  • I procrastiante from big and important projects.
  • I became overweight. So many tasty food here in Thailand.

What went well

  • Our sun Ilya is growing and bring us a lot of joy :)
  • After I bought a car in Thailand, we travelled a lot around Bangkok. We visited Khao-Yai, Pattaya, Rayong, Koh Chang, Cha-am and Hua-Hin. Most of those places were visited several times.
  • Our family travelled to Ukraine. I was very impressed by fully electical taxis (+ network of electic chargers) in Kharkiv. Coffee, food and coworking places were also fantastic.
  • We rented our new apartment near PropertyGuru Bangkok’s office, it was a fantastic decision (especially taking in account horrible Bangkok’s traffic jams). And overall we have a better apartment than before.
  • I was promoted to a DevOps Team Lead role, and I would like to become a good IT engineering leader.
  • I had numerous business trips to Singapore (PropertyGuru Group HQ is in Singapore), as a consequece I fall in love with this city.
  • I wrote a lot of Terraform code (mostly AWS specific), and I’m happy with my progress in terraform coding.
  • I worked a lot with Salt (configuration management tool), and I really like my progress with it and code that I wrote.
  • I visited DevOps Days in Singapore.
  • I finially wrote this 2016/2017 sum-up and I’m very proud of myself :)

What I wanted to achieve last year and what happened?

  • sleep 8 hours per day and walk&hike a lot - walk&hike is going well, but for some reason I don’t sleep enough.
  • fix my health problems - I’m procrastinating on that.
  • make my eyesight better than this year - I’m procrastinating on that.
  • travel to 3 new foreign countries - We were too consumed with travelling around Bangkok.
  • start programming on golang and lisp - I’m procrastinating on that.
  • have 50$ per hour rates - I got closer to this goal, still in progress.
  • learn ansible, salt and puppet - I learnt salt, and a bit of puppet. Ansible is not needed for me as for now.
  • get more DBA skills at MySQL and PostgreSQL - This one is inifinite goal, but mostly I’m happy with my DB knowledge progress.
  • start speaking Thai language, even if it will be very simple talks - I’m procrastinating on that.

What I would like to achieve in new year?

I want to:

  • sleep 8 hours per day.
  • Have a weight <= 90 kg.
  • fix my health problems.
  • make my eyesight better than before.
  • travel to 1 new foreign country.
  • start programming on golang.
  • have 50$ per hour rates.
  • learn ansible and puppet.
  • get more DBA skills at MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • start speaking on Thai language, even if it will be very simple talks.


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