2019 year sum up

Summary of important things that I did in year 2019

Due to procrastination I delayed my sum-up for year 2019 till May 2020, but here I’m.

  • One health issue solved.
  • I started to do Yoga.
  • I reduced my weight from ~105 kg to <= 95 kg.
  • We travelled to the Khao Kho and Nam Nao in Thailand by car.
  • We travelled to Japan and I drove a rental car in Japan :)
  • I travelled to Vietnam so +2 new countries this year.
  • I bought a bigger car for us to travel.
  • and we travelled to Krabi on it.
  • Our familty (will) have +1 baby in 2020 bringing babies amount up to 2 :)

Most interesting/inspiring people I met during 2019 years:

  • Pedro Pereira - Technical leader, Head of Engineering in PropertyGuru Group. I would like to learn from him how to be a open, easy going person that unite, motivate and lead people to common goals. That’s a leader that I would like to become.
  • Alexey Diomin - Principal engineer in Agoda. Thanks to getting know him I saw that you can be good in programming, DevOps and system administration. You can dig deep to the Linux kernel and know your systems from perspecive of a software developer and DevOps engineer. That’s an engineer and professional that I would like to become.

New hobby this year:

  • Yoga with DownDog app.
  • Learning Thai language with Drops app.

Two might-have-been dream in this year:

  • I could sleep 8 hours per day - but I constantly find some excuses.
  • I could look into making my eyesight better in 2019.

What did not go well

  • I didn’t sleep enough in 2019 year, I should fix this as soon as possible.
  • I didn’t do much programming during 2019.

What went well

  • Our sun Ilya is growing and bring us a lot of joy :)
  • We travelled a lot.
    • in Thailand to central North and to the South.
    • in Vietnam - I travelled to Hanoi
    • in Japan - We visited Okinawa island.
  • I reduced my weight from 105 kg to <= 95 kg.
  • I do daily Yoga excercises.
  • I bought a bigger car for our family.
  • We will have a second baby in 2020 :)
  • I stopped procrastinating on my health issues and fixed one of them.
  • I finally wrote this 2019 sum-up and I’m very proud of myself :)

What I wanted to achieve last year and what happened?

And what do I plan to do about that? :D

  • sleep 8 hours per day and walk&hike a lot:
    • walk&hike is going well, but for some reason I don’t sleep enough.
    • I’ll set a specific goal for sleep this year and will control my progress on it.
  • Have a weight <= 90 kg.
    • Get from 105 kg to 95 kg, work in progress.
  • fix my health problems
    • I fixed one issue, work in progress.
  • make my eyesight better than this year
    • I’m procrastinating on that.
  • travel to 1 new foreign country.
    • Done, I travelled to 2 new foreign countries - Vietnam and Japan.
  • start programming on golang.
    • I’m procrastinating on that.
    • I’ll start go to leetcode.com. At least I’ll write some simple code excercises.
  • have 50$ per hour rates.
    • I got closer to this goal, still in progress.
  • start speaking Thai language, even if it will be very simple talks.
    • I started to learn Thai every day for >= 5 minutes. Of course it’s not much - but it’s an everyday progress.

What I would like to achieve in new year?

I want to:

  • sleep >= 8 hours per day for at least 15 days per month.
  • Have my weight <= 90 kg.
  • fix >= 2 of my health problems
  • make my eyesight better than before.
  • travel to 1 new foreign country.
  • write code >= 3 days per week. programming language doesn’t matter.
  • have >= 50$ per hour rates.
  • start speaking Thai, even if it will be very simple talks.


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