Happiness is controversial fellow.

I personally incline to opinion from this author/article: The 5 Daily Rituals That Will Make You Happy

In short:

  1. Take Recess. Productivity based on balance between work and rest.
  2. Switch Autopilot On. Stop thinking too much over insignificant things. Example: You see a nice comb, you start thinking - should I buy it or not? Is it a good idea? May be this one is overpriced, and you can find one 30 baht cheaper? Does this a really important matter? if not - just do whatever you want now, allow autopilot to lead you and relax.
  3. Unshackle Yourself. Don’t try to do everything, do what’s important for you.
  4. Value your relationships. Human are social animals, we are sad when we are alone (usually).
  5. Tolerate Some Discomfort. Great things come through some discomfort. Cite: “heavy TV viewers, and in particular those with significant opportunity cost of time, report lower life satisfaction. Long TV hours are also linked to higher material aspirations and anxiety.”. Don’t sit and watch TV/browse internet, go out for a walk, swim in the pool (with big inflatable crocodile), learn something new. Going out of super comfort zone worth it.


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