Udemy course review - Make Better Decisions

Watched an Interesting udemy course about useful mental models:
Make Better Decisions: 13 Mental Models for Team Managers
And my thoughts about it.

Most interesting points from the course:

  • 7 words motto - What is your identity, touchstone for important decisions? And idea to shape it in 7 words.
  • Delegate like a trauma surgeon - story about situational awareness, that during the emergency somebody need to observe the whole situation.
    • really echoes with incident commander role in SRE (and firefighters)
  • Elon Mask (employee) vector theory - are your people work in the same direction and their effort combines (like vectors) or not?
    • actually you can apply that theory to a lot of things including your personal development :)
      • Is my personal development vectors add-up?
  • Execute quickly on reversible decisions and take time to analyze your options on irreversible, high impact decisions


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