Chatgpt Llm Ai Ted

Review of TED talk about AI LLM being smart and stupid


Recently I listened to an interesting TED talk suggested by our CEO:

That was quite interesting insight in strength and weaknesses of AI LLM like ChatGPT.

  • Large Language Models(LLM) training date is huge but reasoning is still quite weak.
  • LLM sustainability is an open question
  • LLM think what next word to say, not what to say.
    • And that’s why they hallucinate.
  • Even before watching this talk I got impression of LLM as super/very hardworking and at the same time very low intelligence system.
  • AI Scientist in a talk tells that we should work on more intelligent models, idea is replace quantity with quality have a lot of downsides.
  • So LLM is not something to fear, it’s something to stay and be useful. But we can do much better AI systems in future :)